Integrating Bone Building
Sherri Betz
Class 4192

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Another masterful combination of exercise and information by S.B. Thank you.
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Thank you Sherri, even though these are a challenge for me I can feel my body getting stronger which is exactly what I need!
 Thank you, you are a good theacher and I would like to do exercises with you. Bye bye from SICILY 🇮🇹
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Thank you Sherri, what a wonderful and challenging class, so grateful to be able to connect with such talented teachers from the other side of the world. It was lovely at the end of class to acknowledge and give thanks to our body, it's something we don't always do. xx
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I loved this workout and that you didn’t shy away from rotation (table top knee sways). I’ve  been really dialing rotation back and maybe it’s not so necessary with osteoporosis? 
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Thank you! As a life long athlete with some challenging injuries this workout felt challenging and safe! The cueing helped me clean up some sloppy posture habits I had gotten into with some of my Pilates 
I think a lot of “strong” people would be challenged by this - ok I have a question though -... what about that abdominal work trying to pull the dog leash out from under your low back you are working in imprint - isn’t that a no no for contemporary teachers? Would you teach that to someone who is already kinda posteriorly tilted? Thanks 
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Thanks for this wonderful class which is safe for osteoporosis yet still extremely challenging. So excited to see another class with Sherri. We are so fortunate to have this caliber teacher share her knowledge so generously!
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For those clients with a large thoracic curvature, what do you suggest with the broomstick as it won't make the 3 points of contact.  Thanks!
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