Reformer Jump Flow<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 439

Reformer Jump Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 439

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This was such an amazig class! Tracy gives wonderful cues without breaking the flow! She also seems like a lovely person!
Thank you guys, for such lovely comments!!!
Loved this class! Thank you for the workout I really needed. Excited to share some of the exercises and jump board combinations with my clients!
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Fun class, great workout! Used one red on peak reformer added a blue on few :) Jumping choreography was fun and challenging. Loved the psoas stretch! Thank you!
Thank you so much...would love to take a Tower class from you! Pleeeeease
I like your new class.
You have provide mie with plety of ideas for my classes.
Thank you !!!!!

I work with PPS Deluxe of Peak Pilates and there are no green spring. I wonder myself if the green one is the heavy one. Please let me know
Tracey, I so enjoyed this class. Loved your reference re Malcolm! Your class reflected what he mentioned that jump board was not, initially, meant to be done on heavy springs! Your session proved that you don't need heavy springs to work hard. Your Choreography, stretches and cueing all wonderful as are you! Just love your work. : ) Judy
HI Sandra ~ yes the green is the heaviest one on our balanced body reformers.
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments..! Yes, I truly love Pilates and makes me feel so complete to inspire you and your clients to keep the work strong with integrity..!!
Until the next class
I'm hooked! Would love to see more Tracey & more jump board classes!
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