Glued To The Wall
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4421

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Good Class from Alexandria. A wall (or stable vertical surface) is a great prop. There were 2 challenges for me: 1) I don't have a free wall (so I modified with an old flat faced bureau & a post. 2) I am not flexible enough to roll up with my legs raised (so I modified with by wearing leg weights or hooking my toes under a slightly opened drawer in the bureau). I had fun, got a nice workout, and feel much better. Thanks Alexandria:) 
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That was a great and informative class. I felt that my posture was much improved. Cueing and attitude was excellent. Looking forward to future classes. 
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I wasn't sure whether at the beginning of the class when you were prepping for the Hundred etc - whether you had imprinted your spine on the ab prep or remained in Neutral spine - you seemed to indicate NOT imprinting at the beginning but then referred to pressing your lower back into the mat - can you confirm which position you were using? Many thanks!
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Phenomenal class, a real gift.  My students sometimes view the wall as a variation for weaker individuals, but you showed us the TRUE strength (not to mention flexibility and awareness) required to utilize it as a prop.  I can't wait to integrate some of these technique into my training of the disabled and chronically ill. Thank you, Alexandra -- I look forward to studying with you via the remaining classes in this series. 
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great class. feel more connected after the class.
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Great class. Thank you.  The wall closes the chain, gives you feedback and helps you connect.  It made me work harder.
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I agree that the wall makes me work harder. Loved the class!!
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Great cuing that I can use for my recuperation and for when I teach class.  How would you offer this to individuals with low bone density, osteopenia, all of whom are at risk of compression fracture from forward spinal flexion? Thank you.
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I enjoyed the class, which I did after your second class. In the side kicks are you in a straight line head to toes or are hips to feet forward at a slight angle from the hips to head. 
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This is a great series. I'm doing it out of order :) Started with the second one. I'm getting back into Pilates after a long period doing yoga and this is the perfect series to get me thinking and feeling Pilates again. Thanks!
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