Glued To The Wall
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4421

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Michelle B Thank you for your kind words, I'm so happy you enjoyed! I hope you will like the next one as well! 
Brian B Wonderful well done! Thanks for your kind words & I'm so glad you got into Pilates again!
Gary M Hi Gary I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the class, using the wall as a prop is a great feedback. In response to challenge 1) Well done improvising and making yourself a 'wall', 2) Well modified by the extra weights or hooking your toes, nice work by making the exercises to suit your own body (always). Thanks for joining me and hope you enjoy the next one!
Jos S Great question to a controversial and interesting topic thank you! Yes I did have my lower back/spine imprinted into mat (pushing the wall to pull my abdominal muscles into the mat) with a neutral/relaxed pelvis. I hope this makes sense. I'm happy to explain further :D
Rachel L Thank you for your kind words! I do try to keep up with Pilates, so I stay strong enough for my 3 kids! I'm so happy you enjoyed! You are SO right some of us underestimated how hard the wall can be! See you on the next class! :D
O V Wonderful I'm so glad!
Virginie B Yes and Yes! You got it SO right!
Beverly L Oh wonderful, I'm so glad you enjoyed yay!!
Dianne H Lovely question, people with osteopenia need resistance training and the wall can be a great tool for extra resistance. Just make sure they stay long and lengthen throughout all the movement, so there is no compression on their spine/bones. I hope this helps. Great question!
Kate A Great question! Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed. My legs are straight slightly forward in front  of my hips. I hope this helps.
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