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Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4460

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This is a level 3 class. It is not easy, but it's great and a lot of fun. I used 5 lb leg weights in spots but not the whole class. I started with 5 lb arm weights but switched to 3 lbs when arms got too tired about 15 minutes in.  I am not good at raising myself off the floor with my hands when i am in a seated position. So I grabbed 2 thick yoga blocks and raised myself off the floor using them.  I will certainly  take this class again when i need a challenge as it's a thorough well presented class. Thanks Again Alexandra:) 
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You're classes are amazing. I love how you describe how your powerhouse should feel when doing the exercises. I feel like I have been doing it wrong until I took your classes.
Any tips on how to turn off my hip flexors????
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Wow, you are amazing. I watched this class and look forward to trying it. You make the work look easy! Thank you!
I absolutely loved this lesson!  You're amazing!
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Holy moly. This was so hard but so good.
Gary M Nice, well done for the 5 & 3 lbs weighs! I'm so glad you enjoyed & thank you for your kind words! Also, brilliant option to use yoga blocks and for getting up!  
Hi Emma L Thanks you are so kind! I'm  SO glad you are enjoying the classes and that it is helping you to connect deeper with your powerhouse. Pilates is a never ending connection and each exercise it a unique challenge, well done! I think that the more you connect with your "powerhouse" the less you are going to use your hip flexors. The HF are our go to until are "center" are stronger, the HP will always kick in but much much less. I also like to think that external rotation of the thighs help us to connect to our sit a bit more and less of the HP. I hope this helps. xoxo
Beverly L Thank you for being so kind! Yes try and let us know :D xoxo
Hi Katherine R! Oh thank you so much I'm so happy you enjoyed this class!I certainly loved teaching it!  Let's see what you think of the next one! Thanks for the lovely feedback I really appreciate! 
Hi Meghan S thank you! I totally agree with you, and  yay I'm SO glad you liked it! So true it looks "easy", but is hard deep work!  Well done for doing it!!!
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