Releasing Lower Body
James Crader
Class 4462

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Katie W Thanks!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I hope my legacy is "wide sit bones!" HaHa!
Lina S I appreciate you being open and curious enough to try this class! Thank you! Glad you found some insightful gems within it to take with you. 
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james is passionate and caring and allowing self exploration what a breath of fresh air. thank you
Mary G I truly appreciate your kind words!
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Pubic bone!
Amazing class!!! Thank you very much James!!!
Barbara L The pubic bone is truly a good point of interest. HA!
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That was fascinating.  James gives you permission to do things with the muscles that you're busy controlling in other classes.  He supports you in finding feeling first: where you want to end up; what you want to accomplish.  And gives you new ways of coaxing thought and movement together.
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I had experienced the hip tremor before incidentally.  I thought it was a sign of weakness and had always muscled through it or dropped to a different position immediately.  But once I knew it was a goal, I enjoyed discovering this point of tremor.  Will practice again for sure.
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You "can't thank us enough"! Well, I certainly can't thank you enough. Widening my sit bones has taken me to new places.
Allison O Thank you!! Yes, when you first experience a therapeutic tremor it feels ... alarming. I've even taken a workshops before where they try to convince students that the tremor is weakness and to be avoided at all cost. I'm so glad you've found a new relationship with it ... and yourself. I appreciate your sharing!
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