Foam Roller of Instability
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4478

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Hi Lauramaria S thank you! Yes and yes!
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You are one of my new favs!!!  You keep it different, fun & challenging. Usually level 2 is too easy for me but, not yours ;)) Thank you!
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Really enjoyed the shoulder mobility abdominal work in the first 15 -20 minutes thoracic spine was really engaged. 
I struggled to find a comfortable position while prone on the hips on the foam roller for the leg extension work....any advice there?
Thanks for a great class! 
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I love all kind of Pilates, but the classical Pilates reminds me of how hard this "stuff" really is It makes me humble. Thank you for the fun variations with the foamroller. And yes, there were times I wanted to throw the foamroller away but afterwards I feel strong and proud. X 
Hi Robin G. oh thanks you are so kind, what a lovely comment! I'm so pleased to know you were challenged while having fun! xoxo
Hi Kerry H , great question! I agree with you, I think sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find the right spot for the hip on the roller. You can try to play around to find a sweet spot, and/or put a towel or maybe a thin pillow or something to make it more comfortable for the hip bones. I hope this helps. Again thanks for making this point! xoxo
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Joni N You might consider avoiding flexion in a complete flat (supine) position. Use a folded towel behind your back to support your upper thoracic spreading. This might help your flexion forward. 

You could also use a bigger support like a spine corrector. They are affordable and may help you find a safe, productive flexion for your spine. 

Hope this helps.
Marcos Apodaca
Pilates Center of Austin 
Marcos A Thanks for sharing your opinion very appreciated! 
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Thank you Alexandra !! Try to keep up your flow , very challengy.🌻
Patricia C You are very welcome I'm so glad you did it, you are stronger than you think!! 
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