Feel Good Tower
Amy Havens
Class 4530

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Fabulous way to find your strength for the day! Thank you Amy, as always you made my day!
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felt amazing. thanks amy.
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Excellent!  I used a pilates ball for a little support on side lifting.  
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Amy - that was delicious . The pace, breath, and elements of control ! Wonderful ! Thank you ! 
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Amy, that was just lovely. Stretchy, strong tower work with lots of articulation. Love that we didn't move springs around or use all the bells and whistles.
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That was so beautiful to watch - loved the mermaid  variation and can't wait to try it - thank you Amy
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Loved it..i feel energized and loose. Thank you Amy!!
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Thank you Amy. That was yummy movement indeed.  And I was able to perform ALL the exercises without modifications  on my newly acquired Avolon Chair. 👍
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Absolutely Devine 🙏❤️ thank you Amy 🙏❤️
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Yea! And good to see PA is getting back to normal-ish!
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