Strong and Stable Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 4539

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awesome class, kicked my butt!!!
LOVED this. Such intense ab work but you kept the motivation going with the reps being manageable and you’ve such a positive attitude it’s hard to quit! The side lying series with the bottom leg on the ball is really telling too....if I didn’t have the ball there I would have thought I was so stable and aligned but the ball really reveals., can’t wait to try more in this series....
Brilliant class! Thank you :)
I cannot follow the instructions without looking at the screen. These exercises are too difficult for me as an older beginner.
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I have had 2 years of low back pain. I spent 6 weeks doing this class 2-3 times a week. I just was able to completele all the exercises. Thank you thank you.., I feel strong and stable with much less pain 💕
I love this class! I never knew mat class with a ball could be so fun and challenging. Thank you! 
WOW! A solid Level 2 💪🏼
Just took this class for the second time and loved it even more! Fantastic all around workout - thank you!!
I loved the variations with the ball. The pace was great and the instructions clear. Thanks so much Melissa!
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