Solar Powerhouse
Jason Williams
Class 4565

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really relate to and like the combining of practices - thank you :)
Wendy J wonderful that you could relate.  You're most welcome. :)
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Wonderful class!  I so enjoyed the meditation at the beginning and the Reiki at the end.  Thank you!
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Thank you so much for this class Jason Williams 
It helped me bring some balance to my day 🙏
Diane N Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Bruno Glad you are feeling more balanced :)
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Home run again.  Now I can go to work feeling centered and with my workout done.  Thank you again.
Julie G Glad you are feeling more centered.  Keep it up :)
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Really enjoyed this class. You have a very relaxing tone to your voice. 
Suzanne C You're welcome! Thank you for checking out class.
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