Reformer Tune-Up 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4566

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Lori M So happy to hear the pace and flow are working for you.  We will be jumping this week and next, so pace will continue to be moderate.  BUT I will keep in mind your request for Tune up 2. Thank you
LUCY ADRINA M Thank you!!
Hi Pamela M, YES!  I love a good bargain.  The short is from Old Navy( I have the same style in black) Super comfy and flattering.  Take care! :)Sarah 
Michael Mary S Thank you so very much! 
Hi Louisa Harris, Thank you so much!  I am also really enjoying this process.  I love having the opportunity to build each week.  
Thank you Diane V !  hugs.
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Fab session. Great to put some attention to all the little but most important details :) Thank you x
Hi Stacey B,  Yes...Thank you  so much!  I just love the fabulous details.  Tune up 2 will be filmed next Monday.  "see" you soon.  The care 
Wonderful class. Thank you Sarah!
ABsolutely wonderful. Thank you.

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