Athletic Flow 2
Tracey Mallett
Class 4847

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Killer class! Thank you Tracey.
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This workout kicked my butt. Superb!
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Nailed it!   Lots of gems in here - can't wait to share.   Thank you thank TM & PA
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Yes!!!!! 3rd addition please! Everything you do is magical 🙌
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Edition** post workout fuzzy brain 😂
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That was absolutely awesome! Thank you. I'm hoping when I turn 70 next year I can still do this! 
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I sweated after a long time :)) Thank you Tracey Mallett . It was fab!
Julia L Wow, I hope I am just like you when I turn 70! What an inspiration xo
Love the work out - Tracey is awesome - will be doing more of her classes
Loved this, and all of your other classes! Thank you!
Torill Carroll 
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