Reformer Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 541

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Wonderful class! I feel so open and ready for the rest of my day. I loved the splilts on top of the reformer, I am finally able to do them!
still one of the best workouts!! you are awesome kristi. thanks.
Thank you so much John!
That was amazing!!! Deep, challenging and very satisfying work! Really enjoyed it, Kristi! Thank you :)
This is my first class with you alone i have done ALL od Meredith's reformer classes so thats where i got started with you. I will bedoing some more of yours as well :)
Great to hear Heather. Thank you!
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Great class-love the backstroke to teaser to pulling straps series. Great way teach transitions. #awesomearchives
Awesome sauce! So much yumminess here! Loved it!
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