Mat Workout
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 543

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Lots of great stretches I had not done before. Also like the anatomy imagery throughout when working slowly to really release.
This class was great. My body feels great, I am looking forward to sharing this with my clients. Nice detail in the anatomy and the explanations.
I had just come in from a long training run for a Half-marathon & was stiff. Did the roller w/o & felt fine. Very practical &.presented w/ good info. Thank you, Rebekah.
Loved this class. Used alot of the info in the first part of the class for my group today! Your knowledge of anatomy and fascial lines is wonderfully inuitive and educational! Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful. Definitely adding it to my routine.
wonderful bodywork and self maintenance. Thank you Rebekah!
Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It's so gratifying to hear that you all appreciate this and have found it as helpful to your own bodies as I have for mine. Many of you have said that you enjoy the explanations and theory (as I call it, "the WHY"), so you may want to check out my new Bone Health Workshop here on Pilates Anytime. It explains the how bone tissue works in our bodies and how that relates to Pilates, and provides additional exercises you might want to integrate in your work. Happy new year and thank you to Pilates Anytime for providing this outstanding platform for education and knowledge sharing!
Amazing! Currently on a ski vacation and this couldn't be more perfect, bliss, thank you so much!
Outstanding class. My tired and sore muscles needed this today. I feel more energized and feel the length thoughout my limbs and torso. Thank you, Rebekah. I will be revisiting this class often.
Great class Rebekah! Such wonderful knowledge .... Thank you and PA for sharing this with us! I loved every part of it.
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