Reformer Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 564

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I wish I was being taught by Niedra ! really enjoyed the hands on tactile cueing, the classic work, and the attention to detail. Bravo! Thank you very much! I would love to see Niedra teach a Tower Class.
Loved getting to all the advanced exercises! I have been a little tired of the standard class.
I really loved how the prep version of some of the advanced exercises were presented. Will be using some of those when I teach, thank you! I love Niedra's teaching style, always explaining the "why" and keeps it moving.
Every class that I do, with Niedra teaching, reminds me of why I love pilates so much. I felt amazing after this workout and loved it..thank you Niedra!
Neidra,, this was great class!! I never saw that version of stomach massage with the single lEG. Actually alot of exercises I never saw. Thorough workout. Amazing!! Jamie
This was a wonderful class Niedra! Thank you! I'm still feeling it from Monday!
Niedra, loved this class, as always. Especially liked the prep for the tendon stretch- that helped me alot cause I've always had trouble with that exercise
Thank you Niedra Gabriel again for another lovely class! always learning something interesting. See you in the next workout :)
Thank you Judit - love seeing you again in the next workout, very cool!
I just did this class and it was excellent! Going to my favorites!
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