Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 821

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I feel it is in the song....relaxed and stretched...thank you...
Thank you all for your beautiful feedback!
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Hi Meredith Rogers did this class for a warm up on a cold day and it was so perfect! Thanks so much! Happy New Year!
Thanks for going into the archives for this one Denee!
I think it was my 100th class and I am now closing in on 300!
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I had this in my notes as "to do again", now I know why. Perfect class to warm up! Thank you Meredith Rogers Again!
Loved it, full and precise body work , Theraband increases each movement 🙏
lou I agree with you so much.  I LOVE the theraband!
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The class is perfect.. I love the theraband classes so much..
And the roll over modification is really helpful ❤️
Thank you so much
Sara xoxo
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