Dynamic Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 821

Dynamic Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 821

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Wow! This was my third class this week with you. I've taken all your newest ones and feel strong enough to move a house! I am now ready for the long weekend. Thank you Meredith:)
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I enjoy your classes tremendously- with or without props, your cues are clear, your pace and transitions excellent. You work on strengthening all body parts. Thank you!
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Happy 100th class dear heart!!!!
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Just counted and I've taken 63 of them!

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This one is my favorite. Absolutely seamless and fluid. Very well balanced workout. I usually don't like standing foot work... to me it feels a bit geriatric even with the right muscles engaged.. but your variation with the theraband was worth it.
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Meredith your classes are terrific and I have borrowed and used many of you ideas and cues with classes and clients. Thank you and congrats on 100 classes!!
The class went blank after a few minutes...an audio/visual problem :(
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Congratulations Meredith !!
I have Truly enjoyed taking your classes and look forward to the next 100 :)
Elsabe D
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Wonderful class. Thank you for all your wonderful cues, suggestions and 'thoughts'!
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Excellent workout! Video played well with Auto-detect.
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