Reformer Stretch Workout
Anthony Lett
Class 907

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Hi Antony,
It's great for stretching. I have two questions that I taught my class today but not quite sure the position are correct.  Firstly, figure 4 to stretch glute, I think I set the position correct high bar and slide carriage in.  Secondly, Bookends to stretch adductor that you told press heel to bar such a bit, right? To feel muscle contraction, correct?  Thirdly, resistant of spring should be medium heavy to heavy but it depends on each person, correct? I'm new for reformer, Just practice few times.  Thank you very much.  It's really great stretch. 
You have it all correct Gaew. Good stuff!
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Thank you ! Brilliant so useful! Monica in England 🌻🌻
Thank you Monica! I'm sure you need a good stretch at the moment in the UK!
Perfect morning stretch class, my body is saying thank you.
Thank you Annick, happy to be of service!
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