Shoulder Stabilizing Flow
Erika Quest
Class 991

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Wonderful Reformer Class !!
BIG Thank You :) for the sequencing (dowel as well as footwork)
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Erika, You have such clear, concise cueing. It is inspiring.
Thank you Yugonda and Kate. I love your feedback and appreciate you watching. Much love!
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Amazing class Erika! Loved every variations! You Rock Sistah! Big Hugs and Lots of Love!:)
Thanks Lori for watching and for the love. Sending hugs back at ya, girl.
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Thanks Erika, loved this class, hope to be doing it often :)
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awesome! As I was watching I felt my body doing it! Can hardly wait to try it all out on my reformer!
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Thanks Erika you Rock! fantastic workout, with lots of variety, and your cueing fabulous. Thank you I look forward to taking more of your classes.
You make me smile Lorraine, Amy and Robyn. I SO appreciate your feedback and comments. Glad you enjoyed!
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Erika this class rocked! Lovely variations and gives a level 2 class some pizazz!! thank you for coming to PA and thank you Kristi for bringing such talent to us across the world! Keep up the great work! :)
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