Spring to Life Challenge<br>Playlist 1: with Kristi Cooper

Spring to Life Challenge
Playlist 1: with Kristi Cooper

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Thank you everyone! Martha "Mars" Hart, you have literally made my day. Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary!!!
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Joined Pilates anytime about 2 months ago. Love it!! Just joined the challenge and loved the first day. I never thought I would like Pilates but I love it.
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I love the cueing. even if I am home and no one is here to correct me, your cues and comments helps me to adjust the posture. just finished day 1, looking forward for next ones! :)
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Thanks heaps, Kristi. That was a fun way of refreshing the basics and feeling grounded. I will go back to this program from time to time.
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Thank you for such clear explanations. I am a novice at Pilates and I feel now like I can move onto the more difficult levels. Thanks Kristi. You are amazing!
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Even though, I have done Pilates for 12 years, it was good to revisit the basics of Pilates. Kristi Cooper was so easy to follow. She was perfect for this challenge.
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What a fantastic challange to get into the nitty gritty of Pilates! Kristi Cooper you made me laugh, think, remind and open my mind to how wonderful Pilates can be. It makes me appreciate more pilates as I teach different styles of Bootybarre.
Also, the focus on the props is a great reminder how to continuously incorpate the total body which is supported by the spine. But, that not having is ok too!
Finally, so many great cues. One shoulder not in front of the other, grow taller to twist more, bend the knee options, space, feel the feet being grounded and so many more. You are a inspiration and another teacher to me like Tracey Mallett! I am repeating this challenge again starting tomorrow then back into Amy's summer challenge. Your challange will blend well with hers!
I'm taking notes, keeping more Pilates in my personal practice more and being enlighten to pass it on to my barre babes! Tyvm! Looking forward to seeing another challange from you. 👏💪😀
Sabine G
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This challenge was so motivative and sprinkled with creative variety. Thank you Kristi Cooper .
Thank you Sabine. Thank you Wendy, Janie, Dagmar, Mary, Elena, and Tracey! I am thrilled to know that this invitation to practice Pilates with me (novice or a veteran) was meaningful to you. Thank you all very much for showing up.
Hanna K
I am now done with the challenge and it was so good! Thank you so much for charing your knowledge and making Pilates so fun. I would love to do more challenges like this. It was amazing!

http://hannafialotta.blog g.se
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