The Summer Fling Challenge
Playlist 1: with Amy Havens

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Very enjoyable, heart definitely pumping!!!
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An absolutely fantastic program with mental and physical challenges to energize the whole body. Different moves and themes in each class. A wonderful addition to anyones pilates goals. Amy gives great focus and mind to muscle cues.
I feel more aware of my spine and abs after every class! My goals was enlightenment for my personal and professional practice. Thank you Amy for a insightful program that I will repeat!
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I am loving these workouts! My only problem is that I can't get the workouts to unlock. I did day 3 on Monday and 4 has not unlocked yet. I can view them in the app, but then I can't airplay them with Apple TV. Hoping this problem is resolved so that I can do 5-7 this weekend.
trop hâte de commencer
Rebecca ~ I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the challenge! When you signed up, you set the classes to be unlocked on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays so your next class will unlock tomorrow. If you would like to go ahead, you can do them on the app because they are all unlocked there. I hope this helps!
Just fantastic, thanks Amy, loved your ab workout.
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Great classes but getting frustrated at how often they freeze and how long the freeze is,any hints how I can fix it. I mirror the classes to my Apple TV
Really loving this program - great challenge, and lots of creative variations! thanks so much Amy!!
For wich level is the challenge? Thanks
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