The Summer Fling Challenge
Playlist 1: with Amy Havens

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Anabelle ~ Most of the classes in this challenge are for intermediate to advanced practitioners. If you are looking for something at a different level, you can email us at and we can help you find what you need.
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Just did the first class! Fabulous class the emphasis on the breath! Thanks..looking forward to the next one!
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Hi Amy, just finished the challenge today and really enjoy the variation and rhythms. I really love the challenges they definitely push me harder and move me out of the comfort zone of the classes that I regularly take. I look forward to the next one.
Hi Bridgette --- congratulations on finishing this challenge, way to go!!!  I'm so happy you moved along with me and that you enjoyed the variety and challenges.  I truly feel it's vital for us to mix it up from time to time, to test our stamina and endurance in different ways, get new ideas and push ourselves.  Glad you were with me!  Talk to you again soon!
Thank you Amy, I loved the whole PILATES challenge.  You are very engaging and make it fun while still making it challenging.  You used great ways and words  to think about while doing the exercises.  I loved the variations too. I am excited to share them with my classes in my online classes.  Thank you,  I have really enjoyed it and my classes will be getting alot of PILATES treats! I hope that you are safe and well.
Kind regards,  Carla 
Being 56 and quite stiff, this challenge certainly challenged me! Whilst maybe sometimes a bit too fast, I thoroughly enjoyed it, great exercises,  great teacher. Thank you Amy!
I loved this whole challenge. Some days more than others I have a few physical challenges but was able to modify or push myself just a little bit to do the exercise.
loving it as always
This is a perfectly rounded, creative, and inspiring challenge which Amy Havens adds to with her kindness and calmness. She explains all movements metaphorically in a way that sinks in forever. I very much enjoyed the variety of foci across the classes. I will surely take this challenge again.
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