Pilates Play: A 10-Day Challenge of Fun
Playlist 1: with Sarah Bertucelli

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I'm excited to do all 10 days!
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on day 3 I like the programme, however, I only have the reformer no box yet or foam roller , just wish a list of equipment that you will need to do this was available

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Thanks Sarah-day 1 was great! Loved the pace, and focus on feet & foot care was appreciated. Very motivated for day 2😁
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super fun. great foot work whole body is taller and more alined. 
Hi Robin S!  Thanks for the note.  Taller and more aligned!  Wonderful to hear.  :) 
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on day 3 and loving it so far, can't wait to get through the other days and the time is perfect to fit in the day 
Hi Sandra T,  Thank you for playing.  Keep the flow and keep me posted. take care. 
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