The Revival Challenge<br>Playlist 1: with Monica Wilson

The Revival Challenge
Playlist 1: with Monica Wilson

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What if you work out at home. No apparatus. Will you provide alternate exercises?
Karen M
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Sounds like a great challenge, however, I have no equipment at home.
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I would also LOVE to join this challenge but am working out at home with no equipment, suggestions?
Yep, I am noting the use of equipment in most classes so sadly will be unable to do
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Would've helped if you had mentioned what equipment you'd need beforehand. Not everyone has a full pilates studio lying around.
Lala ~ In Monica's Tips for Success, she goes over all of the equipment and props needed for the challenge. I hope this helps!
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I’m almost finished with this challenge. There are so many gems in this! I don’t have all of the equipment, but have really enjoyed making connections between the exercises on the different pieces that you use and doing them on the pieces I have. Every day of the challenge I learned something new. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do all of it, but am definitely expanding my knowledge and ability. I’ve learned more about the classical style of Pilates.

It really struck me this morning just how much work this was for you! 30 classes, each one building on the other! Amazing! I appreciate that you answered questions we all had within the challenge, too. So, basically I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve really enjoyed this and am going to go back through it a second time.
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I am excited to have a program/challenge that utilizes all the equipment in my home studio.
How annoying.  Just found in the class searcher what looks like an awesome class to get ideas for a give to a special needs client tomorrow (day 18 stretching) and have to wait 18 days to view it.  Really frustrating :(
Rita W
No equipment at home, unfortunately
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