Kick it Up Challenge<br>Playlist 1: with Tracey Mallett

Kick it Up Challenge
Playlist 1: with Tracey Mallett

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Bethany ~ Once you unlock a Challenge video, you can watch the video on its own at any time. I hope that helps!
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I absolutely love your classes, they are fun and full of energy . Thanks so much.
Please do more Barre classes and pilates classes .
Exciting class! Keeps you guessing, love it.
I simply LOVE barre thanks to Tracey!!!
Grazie Tracey è molto bello il tuo lavoro, intenso, divertente e preciso, love, love your workout! Grazie
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I just finished the challenge and feel so great! I am shocked that 10 days of 30-minute videos has me actually feeling a change in my body! Tracey you were amazing, thank you so much! I can't wait for the next challenge! Note to other viewers ... if you have a husband or partner who has never done barre I highly encourage you to invite them to join you in this challenge. Not only did my husband help motivate me, he felt the pain with me,... and it was hilarious to see him try to swing his hips like Tracey so I got a good laugh while working out.
Diane L
I loved the challenge! I’m sure the workouts will make my legs look better than they ever have before.
Zhanna S
Love the barre part with cardio! Definitely felt my legs.
Hi Tracey, I have done the challenge twice now and love it.  I hope you'll do another one soon!  
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