Kick it Up Challenge<br>Playlist 1: with Tracey Mallett

Kick it Up Challenge
Playlist 1: with Tracey Mallett

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Thanks Tracey, that was fun!
Shamz S
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I loved that session u are orsom x
Micaela M
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I have done the whole challenge and feel great. thank you so much Tracey!!
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed all the classes of this challenge. Thank you Tracey. I hope there will be a Part 2 Challenge!
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Love Love Love Thank
Jing L
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Do you need pay extra to join the challenge? Thank you
Jing ~ Our challenges are part of your membership so you can sign up to join at no extra charge. I hope you enjoy it!
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Thank you so much, Tracey. A fantastic challenge!! You have an incredible energy and I was super engaged the entire time. Loved it! Thanks again X
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I am a already a member and I’m wondering why I can’t access this challenge? I am so excited for it!
Bethany M
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Can the videos be accessed outside of the challenge?
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