Postnatal Mat Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 1372

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Just lovely, Leah! Thank you!
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Loved this Leah thank you. 6 weeks pp today (with my second) and that felt wonderful especially the lateral stretch lying prone at the end....I like the slightly different emphasis on the classes you have provided during your second pregnancy - focussing on being very kind to your body - as I feel a lot like that this time too! When you have got yourself back into shape once I think it's easier to have the confidence not to push yourself too fast too soon and your repertoire gives me "permission" to keep things nice and easy! Looking forward to the 4 month one! Leonie
Your voice is very melodic. I love the emphasis on posture and gentleness. Many of your exercises will work with my 75 year old ladies who like to feel energized after their workout! thank you for sharing!
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Hi Leah,
I have no children but I love all of your classes. You are a fantastic teacher, your body moves like music and your voice is velvet! Such a pleasure....I apologize for my English and I hope that you can read the joy you give me through your classes. Thank you and have a great day.
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Ladies - Reading your words brings me so much happiness, and your feedback means the world to me.

Leonie - Yes, I did have a different approach my second pregnancy. During my first pregnancy with Turner, my objective was to purely modify the classical Pilates repertoire making it "pregnancy and new mother safe", and I really enjoyed the process of doing that. During my second series, while I was pregnant with Bennett, I decided to add on to my first series with a different approach; Pilates inspired exercises for pre and post natal woman where the principles were intact and the movement grew from the classical repertoire. My plan was to have a whole diverse range of work for PA members to experience both
It's awesome. The freedom of movement in the exercises and your confidence in the principles are so liberating and inspiring. Just wish there were more...! There's no way my baby brain can come up with such clever variations!
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I am 8 months pp and just starting to think about getting back in shape and reconnecting with my body. I LOVED this class. Thank you so much!
Ellie - So happy you are starting to move and exercise after the birth of your baby. And I am happy that you are starting with these gentle yet effective exercises
I'm 1yr post-partum but wanted to try this class! I'm still nursing so the postural correction felt SO good! Thank you for the "lecture" at the end. I made the mistake with my first to resume training right at six weeks but this time I really tried to educate myself about regaining strength safely! I agree woman are so hard on themselves! I am a believer it takes upwards of a year to regain strength! Take it easy and enjoy the movement and your baby! I love that! Thank you for your positive and beautiful outlook on pregnancy, birth and motherhood! It is truly a miracle and a beautiful thing! Love this class! And love Leah!
Leonie - I hope to do more, too!!

Misty - Thank you for your feedback and thoughts. You have such a healthy outlook and I just love hearing from you.
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