Postnatal Mat Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 1372

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Thanks for creating these series Leah. I used the prenatal classes with my client, and now after she had the baby I cant wait to share these lovely pp classes. great cues too !
Nada - Ohhh....I'm so happy your client liked the prenatal exercises, and I can't wait for you to share these postnatal exercises with her, too!
I'm 10 weeks PP and have been really enjoying all your classes. Thank you.
This is my second child and I agree with everything you have said about listening to your body and giving ourselves a break. Like other people I pushed myself far too much with my first child, so this pregnancy I am loving just slowly getting stronger and enjoying all the lovely movements.
Realy it's very good video thanks allot
Where to after this?
Katie ~ Thank you for your forum post. We have more Postnatal classes that I hope you enjoy!
Loving this series. Thank you Leah
Thank you so much for your class and your words of wisdom. I am 10 weeks postpartum, and this is exactly what I want and need.
To all you ladies,

I am so incredibly happy and honored that you have included me and Pilates in your postpartum healing and growth. All the best to each of you, and I hope you are all well!
Hi Leah, i thoroughly enjoyed this and can see how this gentle approach can be enjoyed by many. I have a question, please....
Even though i have not given birth, i am akin to your thoughts about how long our bodies can take to recover fully; what about those Moms who hit the ground or gym with a clear focus to shed the excess gained with baby? I have been working with a young mum, about 6 months pp, she's even joined bootcamp and only really feels a workout when its heavy duty.
I have been doing more released based and some core stability, started slow and she seems to want more. My query is how do i balance what my intuition is guiding me to offer more release and strength work by connecting herself to all parts of her to what she wants even though her body is not quite ready for it.
Many thanks
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