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Thank you Ms Kristi Cooper for sharing this interview with Mr Gallagher. Many of us would never have gained the knowledge and history shared here without this interview.
Thank you Mr Gallagher for articulating the situation so clearly.
Have to agree with pretty much everything he says. Thanks Kristi for making this happen. And thanks Sean for sharing so openly.
Thank you Sean for so opened interview. And thank you Pilates Anytime for doing this project. It is so important to know Pilates method correctly and the history as well as a Pilates teacher. Through this interview, I hope Pilates industry goes the right direction with true, honest and loyalty.
Thank you Sean and PA for posting this interview. Very interesting. I was part of that first group that were trained in LA when the west coast was opened up, and this has shed some expansive perspective on a time that was full of emotion and intensity . This was really great to watch and get - it makes a lot more sense to me now. and Yes, the method in its pure form was and is fabulous.
Thank you for the interview. I work and teach in the industry and
I love what I do. I love the difference that Pilates makes in my clients lives and I do my best to educate everyone on the history and methodology about creating that 'balance of stability and mobility. In life, I love change and differences of opinion and I remain open to new ideas, but I also do respect the history and the need to be true to the method. I enjoyed the interview and hearing what Sean had to say.
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Thank you to Sean for sharing this interview and thanks to Kristi for paving the way and taking time to interview and include some of the key players in the history of pilates on this website. It is so important for all to know the history if pilates before one can truly understand pilates in it's entirety. The evolution of pilates is inevitable especially as more people are engaging in the practice. But giving credit to the original work and stating that and then evolving the work and stating that, to me, is so important in carrying on the method and giving respect to the work. I really enjoyed the interview and appreciate the history.
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Interesting, and I really like all of the interviews in the Legacy Project. Sean was a good interviewee, direct and informative. I disagree with him that the trademark would have protected Pilates, it was already a community and grew far beyond Pilates the man. Had the trademark been upheld, Pilates would not be as widespread or popular today (both the good and bad Pilates). Nothing is ever perfect, and my preference is the growth of Pilates over the purity of the community. And I realize that's one of the key conflicts in the Pilates community, maintaining the pure method and it's benefits vs. making it more accessible.
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Thank you,very informative. I feel it negates Pilates Anytime, which is all made up! Get some costumes and put on a show! With that said some presentations are very good. John Gossett
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Kristi! Wonderful interview. Thank you Sean for talking about everything. The furture is upon us. And Pilates Anytime you are a great part of this. Thank you.
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Thank you, Pilates Anytime for working so hard to preserve and make available our rich history and for ensuring that all of the voices of that history, despite some their conflicts and disagreements, are heard and valued. And if I may say so, my experience with PA has been that they have provided an invaluable service to the Pilates community by making diverse, excellent teachers and classes available to anyone anywhere and providing an open forum for discussion and exchange of ideas in a supportive environment, or in other words, being the antithesis of “putting on a show.”
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