Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2234

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I can go on with you forever Meredith!
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Wow! I found a new challenge at the end with the last two exercises! A perfect way to start my weekend.
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Wow I did the snake! Have not done that in a long time. Didn't know I could! Thanks for permission! Great class Meredith!
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This was a phenomenal class even if some of the moves (eg, the last two) were too challenging for me to do alone at home. I particularly liked those thigh stretch exercises for the arms. I hope you'll include those in some of your level 2 classes.
What a great gift for my birthday! Thank you Meredith! That's a great way to start celebrate.
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Wonderfull. Snake *****
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Super fun! Loved this class - thank you!
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Loved your class
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An Absolutely fabulous workout. Thank you!
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