Mat Workout
Phillip Beach
Class 2217

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That was an amazing class. I am already hooked on the elegant simplicity of these ideas. It has always been my philosophy to take the deep squat as the standard for all of my clients. I would absolutely LOVE to see more of Philip and his work.
I really enjoyed this class! I look forward to introducing some of Phillip's teachings into my classes in the near future! I'd love to see more of this - going over the fundamental movements that have been lost in so many people. Excellent, thank you Phillip, and thank you PA for hosting him.
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I love this!

Transitions are as important -- if not more important -- as the moves we "perform" in any class and I often think about them. It's wonderful to have a sequence like this to practice.

I also like that the girl in the purple pants might have taken a recent beachwalk b/c I think there's a tar shadow on the sole of her clean foot. to me, it's an indication of time enjoyed on the santa barbara coastline (which makes me happy!)

Thanks, Phillip and PA!
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I read his book 2 years ago, and was summarily blown away by his approach. I would love to see him teach a 2 or 3 day workshop in the area. When I saw he was in the vicinity, I was really bummed to have missed it. Is there a way to know about taking these classes ahead of time? I would love to be on a list if one exists. I live so close, and this is an invaluable resource. IF you read this Kristi, please let me know if this is possible.
This man is truly an inspiration and I thank you for bringing him to me!
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Super practical class! Really stimulates and refreshes the feet!
Thank you!

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Very valuable class, great to focus on functional details that are key to safe movement. Would love more of this type of tutorial.Thank you
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I love it , it help so much ,just what I needed , thank you .
can you make one for the hands and how to fix locked elbow ?
please .
Buenas tardes a todos desde España,soy sonia instructora de pilates y me encanta la profesionalidad de pilates anytime, es una lastima que no estén en español las clases ,me gustaría ir algún dia a pilates anytime a formarme mas a fondo con grandes profesionales como ustedes.
un abrazo enorme y muchas gracias por compartir vuestra sabiduría con el mundo entero.
Tara ~ Thank you for your forum post. We had Phillip teach a workshop while he was filming as well as this class. We hope to have the workshop on the site in the next few months! I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as this class!
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