Wunda Chair Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 3334

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Great Kristie! Love your natural self and how you go into detail based on what you feel. This is the best way for me to understand what I should correctly be feeling. Thank you!
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Oh my goodness, that was such a wonderful class! I feel worked out, opened up, and just all around fantastic. Your cues are incredible! Love love love! "If you don't know where you are, how do you know where you're going?" Favorite! Thank you so much. You had me at theraband! :)
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I like yours explanations, I like how you give us what you feel in your body to help us to understand the details of the movement. I love the image of the rainbow 🌈 when you did the side bend in the Wunda. I like your spontaneity.
Thank you. Muchas gracias.
Such wonderful comments! Thank you everyone! Tanya, it is my honor to be able to share your first WC class with you!
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Fun, Kristi! As always, thank you very much
Lovely and accessible flow - thanks Kristi! Really helps to figure out the Chair and the combo with the Theraband felt great for my shoulders. I have to admit, I discovered you as one of my favorite teachers only recently but love your unconventional moves and mindful approach!
beautiful lesson for the spine and the boby niceeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you
That was a super class Kristi ...... thank you 
Oh my word, wobbly legs!!! Thank you Kristi, I loved this class :)
Great class, Kristie!  :)
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