Functional Reformer 2
Tom McCook
Class 3630

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Thank you Shari and Donna! Happy to be of service!!
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I loved this class. It was perfectly explained, very clear
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So informative thank you Tom McCook
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thank you Tom McCook - appreciated the saw and rotation work, the long plank and scissors variation as well as the footwork on the franklin balls. Great way to stretch the ankles, achilles and hamstrings. It really helps alleviate the pain in the heels and arches after doing jump rope work. Keeper for sure.
Thank you Patricia, Nicola and Patti!
Great feedback, thank you all so much!
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Another great class, thank you PilatesAnytime and Tom McCook. I've started using the clavicle cueing from your tutorials for myself and in classes and can feel and see a difference already. I don't have franklin balls at home, so will give the ankle mobility work a go when i'm in the studio next - excited to try that. My lacrosse balls were a bit hard. Liked the extension cue to feel the heart sliding up the sternum. Golden nuggets like these are why you are such a great teacher.
Thank you Vanisha, great to hear form you and happy you feel the benefits of the clavicle lesson and cuing and it's effect on moving better! You can use a large squishy cushion for the opening ankle/foot mobility also. Sending you my best!
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Quick question: at 8:53, when you're doing ball of foot on bar you stated forefoot is everting and heel is inverting with lengthened leg, is this correct? Great segment btw
Hi Vivian, Thanks for checking in. That's correct, this is what's happening when the foot is supinating in leg extension. Be well and enjoy!
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What a wonderful class thank you Tom,
I really really enjoyed that
I’ve watched a couple of your videos and done some of your tutorials and I find it very very helpful very inspiring and you have a wonderful voice very calming.
The queueing is very precise but easy to understand I will definitely be using some of those cues during my sessions with clients.
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