Functional Reformer 2
Tom McCook
Class 3630

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Thank you Denee! Happy to hear you enjoyed the jump board included!! Sending you good vibes! 🙏
That saw variation was absolutely the best - added to my favorites to return to again and again! 
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Thank you Diana! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the variations and flow. Warm regards 
Thanks Tom!  Functional Reformer 1 + 2 + 3 is the perfect Covid-Body Congestion Cure!
Thank you Tom. You are my go to whenever I need a peaceful,  mindful class that ensures I stay inside my body and the moment. These reformer classes and your mat classes are amazing x
Thank you Michele & Christine!!
I’m happy to hear my classes are a go to for you both!! Sending good vibes your way!!😊🙏
Best finds ever in my favorites! Incredibly happy hips and my mid-upper back feels amazing with no neck tension. Familiar work approached in a different way. Loved this so much, Tom. Just brilliant. Thank you.
Awesome Lori!! I’m really happy to hear you’re getting the value from the nuances!! Keep up the great work!!
What can I say? Can't wait for the day we would be allowed to learn with you in person. Thank you Tom !
Dear Ana Margarita,
I look forward to the opportunity!! Warm regards and happy you enjoyed!
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