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Debora Kolwey

Debora Kolwey

In 1982, Debora moved from New York City to Boulder, Colorado to dance with The Nancy Spanier Dance Company. While teaching fitness at a local gym, she apprenticed with Stephan Frease to become trained in Pilates, and in 1985 opened a small studio in her home.
Read More She spent the next few years teaching privately and traveling to study with first generation teachers. Pivotal to her development was an apprenticeship with Eve Gentry. After Eve's death, Michele Larsson and Debora created the first Core Dynamics workshops to carry on Eve's legacy.

In 1991, Debora joined the teaching staff at The Pilates Center in Boulder, and in 1999 became a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center. She has also presented several times at PMA Conferences.

Debora travels nationally and internationally teaching the Pilates Center's Teacher Training program, the work of Eve Gentry, and workshops on her own approach to body, mind, and spirit. Her approach to teaching Pilates has been influenced by many sources, including yoga, Chi Gong, Body Mind Centering, and buddhist meditation. Debora is certified by Eve Gentry, the original Pilates Institute, The Pilates Center, The PMA, and Eric Franklin's Level I Educator training.
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