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This program offers workshops that will help to deepen your understanding of the Pilates method and your body. You can learn about fascia and anatomy, improve your teaching skills, and even learn how to work with special populations. Many of our workshops allow you to earn continuing education credits with the PMA, but they are all great if you are interested in improving your practice.

Teaching Methodology

Whether you are looking for cueing techniques, choreography, or concepts to train your eye, you will find what you need to improve your teaching.

Body Pathologies and Conditions

This playlist includes workshops on a variety of topics including hip and back pain, osteoporosis, and much more. You will learn the contraindications of certain conditions as well as exercises to help your client improve.

Anatomy and Fascia

If you are interested in anatomy and how the fascia connects in the body, then you will love these workshops which show these connections and how they apply to the Pilates method.

Special Contributions

This playlist includes videos that are produced by Pilates Anytime teachers who wanted to share their work with our members.

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