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Julie Driver

Julie Driver

Julie firmly believes in the transformative power of Pilates. With over 23 years of teaching experience both in the UK and internationally, she has established herself as a highly regarded Pilates instructor.
Read More From 2008 to 2017, Julie held a prominent position as a senior faculty member at one of Europe's largest Pilates training schools. In January 2017, Julie took the initiative to establish her own Pilates education training school, specializing in providing mentorship to aspiring Pilates teachers and offering specialized equestrian Pilates training.

Driven by her lifelong passion for equine studies, Julie recognizes Pilates as an invaluable tool for riders to enhance their technique and foster a profound connection with their horses. Julie collaborates with riders of all levels, ranging from elite three-day eventers to enthusiastic amateurs, and currently serves as the team Pilates teacher for the Wesko Equestrian Foundation.

Her personal journey of rehabilitation began after a severe skiing injury in 2008 when she had to learn to walk again. More recently, in 2021, she shattered her heel. It was this recent accident that deepened her interest in the impact of the feet's position, balance, and effectiveness of the rider.

In recognition of her expertise, Julie won the Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition in 2014. Julie holds the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship and is a frequent contributor to equine and fitness industry publications, showcasing her expertise and dedication to her craft.
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