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Julie Driver

Julie is a passionate believer in the power of Pilates and considers herself a perennial student of the method. She continues her own education with regular one-on-one lessons and studying with mentors. Her North London studio provides a learning environment that nurtures continued growth and progress for both Pilates teachers and Pilates enthusiasts.
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When a ski accident, in 2008, resulted in serious damage to her left leg, surgeons predicted a year-long recovery and a permanent limp. Using the expert guidance of her teachers, complemented by her own knowledge of Pilates and the apparatus, Julie was walking unaided and without a limp within less than 9 months.

Julie holds the "Monty Roberts Certificate of Horsemanship." With a lifelong passion for equine studies, Julie knows that Pilates is the perfect way for riders to improve their technique and create a stronger and deeper relationship with their horse.