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Anything Goes

Anything goes when your favorite Pilates teachers include movement disciplines outside traditional Pilates into their classes. Enjoy the fusion of Pilates with ballet barre and floor work, traditional fitness training, specific dance, running, and sport techniques, primal movement classes as well as advanced Pilates exercises rarely seen or taught. In this program you’ll also find classes from the likes of great physical therapists, Osteopaths and movement educators such as, Marika Molnar (Westside Dance Physical Therapy), Judith Aston (Aston Kinetics), Philip Beach DO, DAC (muscles and Meridians), and Daniel Vladeta (The Oov).

Step inside the program and see where your Pilates training can go!

Playing with Pilates

This playlist includes classes that use play and games to help you discover new connections between your mind and body.

Exploring Spirals

This playlist includes classes that explore spiraling movements to create continuous movement in the body.

Primal Pilates

Refine your movement skills with these primal Pilates foundations.

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