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Pilates Barre for Every Body

You don't have to be a dancer to do Pilates Barre, though you may feel like one after just one class. Pilates Barre combines Pilates foundations with classic Barre moves for an energizing, high-rep cardio workout: deep pliés and lunges to work legs and glutes, balance exercises for a strong core, and graceful, lengthening exercises for toned arms. It's a fun, whole body workout!

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Get access to Pilates Barre streaming classes and challenges, plus over 3,700 Pilates videos with a 15-day free trial.

What Can I Expect?

Barre Pilates is a whole-body workout that lengthens and strengthens your muscles. Get ready for high-repetition bodyweight exercises using the legs, abdominals, glutes, and arms. You may feel the infamous “shake” - a positive sign that your muscles are working hard and getting stronger!

What Are the Exercises?

After a warm-up, you’ll be working your legs and glutes with deep pliés and lunges, engaging your abs for a strong core, and coordinating those exercises with graceful, strong arm moves. Get a fun cardio workout while creating length, building strength, and toning your whole body!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Will I Need?

You will need something to hold onto for stability. If you have a barre in your home, fantastic! If not, the back of a chair or even a kitchen countertop can substitute as a Barre. Also, a flat surface where your feet can glide is ideal.

What Should I Wear?

When it comes to footwear, it’s okay go shoe-free! Going barefoot in Barre Pilates class is actually encouraged. Jazz shoes or dance sneakers also are ideal as they offer support and stability. If you wear socks for your Barre Pilates Challenge, be sure they have grip so you don’t slide across the floor and lose your footing.

Will Pilates Barre Help Me Get in Shape?

The larger the muscles you're working, the more calories you burn. Since Pilates works the muscles of your entire body, you'll definitely be burning through some serious energy during and after your workout. As you continue to do Pilates classes, you'll build long, lean muscle, which means you’ll be burning calories even when your body is at rest. More important than weight loss, though, are the improvements you'll see in your posture and muscle tone, enabling you to both feel and look longer, leaner, and more confident.

What if I can’t do some of the exercises?

It’s okay to skip or modify an exercise based on your skill level or how your body feels on a given day. Do some breathing exercises or a modified version of the exercise being taught to keep your body engaged, then move on to the next exercise. Don’t give up, you’ll get there! If you experience pain or physical discomfort, skip the exercise or stop for the day. It’s better to skip one exercise than risk injuring yourself.

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