Mat Pilates For Men

An Introduction: Mat Pilates for Men

Mat Pilates is the foundation of Pilates. Commonly known as “core-focused ” exercise, Pilates Matwork is, in actuality a whole body system. While many of the mat exercises do emphasize core training, every exercise requires focus and concentration that recruits all of the muscles of the body.

The Matwork is a great way to build strength and balance and can be modified for everybody at any stage in life. Mat Pilates is low impact, making it easier on the joints while challenging enough to strengthen and support them. The beauty of the Matwork is that it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Mat Pilates and Flexibility

True strength and overall health are derived from a balanced combination of strength, mobility, and flexibility. A body that trains in strength only, especially regimes that focus on the larger muscle groups are more susceptible to stiffness and injury. This leaves the individual ill-prepared for life’s daily movements of twists, turns, reaches, bending, and so forth. This is why Pilates is the go-to cross-training regime for elite athletes seeking to improve their game and reduce the chance of injury. A consistent Pilates practice of 2-3 times per week increases flexibility, allowing ease and suppleness for everyday activities or hobbies.

Unlike other modalities, the Pilates Matwork refrains from only static stretching or holding positions. The Matwork keeps one moving and transitioning between exercises with control and precision steadily increasing flexibility. In general, it combines passive and active stretching, with emphasis on the latter. Active stretching, providing more feedback changes the length and strength of a muscle. This is a key concept embedded in Mat Pilates and results in improved flexibility.

Mat Pilates and Strength

Mat Pilates is an excellent resource for any man regardless of fitness level, age, or phase in life. The Matwork builds strength by balancing out the body, supporting the joints for increased mobility and flexibility, and targeting muscles not commonly engaged.

The majority of men tend to be tight and/or weak in the hips and hamstrings as well as the deep core muscles; to which the Matwork addresses. The analytical individual will appreciate the focus and precision, healthy principles it’s built upon, and its functionality. Mat Pilates provides a stable foundation to move more effectively, which provides ease for everyday activities and builds strength to enhance sports and other training.

Mat Pilates builds strength by targeting the smaller and deeper muscle groups that support joints; most notably the back, pelvis, and hips, as well as strengthening the larger muscle groups. This stability and strength, which aids mobility and flexibility, is the key to longevity, decreasing pain, and preventing injuries.

Mat Classes For Men

Reformer Workouts For Men

The Reformer is a piece of equipment within the Pilates family that is known for gaining faster results. The Reformer is resistance training provided by the springs and pulleys within the equipment. The Reformer's unique design provides the dual benefits of strengthening and lengthening at the same time along with challenging and supporting the body. Many of the Mat exercises are performed on the Reformer with nuances to challenge the mind and body, however, they are both challenging in their own right; one isn't better than the other. The Reformer, elevated from the floor and with its non-weight bearing repertoire, is an intelligent and efficient form of exercise that aids in body alignment, enhances balance, and improves endurance.

Reformer Classes For Men

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