Wake up to Pilates

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This Program includes a collection of classes that are geared towards reviving your body in preparation for your Pilates class. With hints of the Franklin method, Waking Energy and Pre-Pilates, these classes are good on their own or taken in conjunction with your favorite traditional class. Either way, you'll feel the energy rush through your body with the focused attention these teachers put on awakening your senses and your soul.

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Quick Morning Workout! - Onl
Waking Energy! - healing and
The Franklin Method Warm Up!
Release the work day! - Let
Fascial Dog Series - By aski
Foam Roller start! - Grab yo
Neck Release! - If you've do


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I love Wake up to Pilates. I needed these so badly today. I have seen many of them a couple years ago but they are precious jewels to me right now! Thank you so much!
Thank you Jeanne!

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