Class #1049

Upper Body Release

30 min - Class


Alan Herdman teaches an Office Chair workout designed to work on your upper torso. These exercises are great as a warm up or can be used regularly to add mobility to your upper back. With extremely clear instructions and cues to make sure you are in the correct position, Alan teaches Twists and Side Flexion for the thoracic spine, plus other inventive exercises. Your shoulders will feel so relaxed after this workout.
What You'll Need: Table Chair

About This Video


I'm Alan Herdman. And we're going to do a short class that's aimed at the upper torso. So many of my clients who spend their time driving, or sitting in front of computers, or sitting ...


Beautiful detailed work for the upper body.Thankyou
That is amazing! So thoughtful and precise. Thank you. Julie
Great warm-up for upper body. Very detailed, precise and thoughtful. My first Pilates teacher studied with Alan around 1985 in England.Thank you !
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Simple calm therapeutic and really realeses the muscles. Many thanks Mr Herdman.
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Love this! I'm going to try it every day after working at the computer.
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Amazing! Beauty, grace, wisdom, efficiency. Thank you for sharing.
Oh yes! This will be a nice addition to my consultations with pregnant women too.
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Wonderful class. Especially to do whilst pregnant! Thank you.
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So precise , very good !
Wonderful! Thank you!
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