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Pilates Abs Warm Up

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Amy Havens teaches a quick Pilates Ab Warm Up which will heat up body and get you centered. By pulling yourself into the center of your body, you will work deep into your core. Amy works all of your abdominal muscles so you will be prepared before any workout.
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Aug 21, 2013
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Hi everyone. It's Amy and I'm going to take us through about five minute Ab warmup that will get you going for any PyLadies workout, any fitness workout. I hope, and we're going to start lying on our back. And let's just take about three to five deep breaths. And we know about our our side and back breathing. So put your hands right up to the side of your rib cage.

Keep your tummy and control so no poofing when you take that inhalation breath and we're going to take in through the nose. And as you exhale and IX contract the muscles in your abdomen, I want you to try to sync your bag down into the floor. And again, inhale for the expansion of the ribs and exhale, contract the muscles in your rib cage all the way down into the deep, deep, deep abdominals and your back down to the floor three more times. [inaudible] really feeling that exhalation here. [inaudible] one more time so you can really actually even get your abdominals warmed up by breathing and focusing on the exhale and that flattening and that kind of narrowing in of your abdominal muscles. And for women. It's kind of an hourglass shaping that you can kind of visualize internally happening. The size of the waist, getting narrow, the front meeting, the back, and actually the back meeting the front.

So this whole center nice and connected. So let's go ahead and start this little five minutes or so. Hopefully it's around five. Interlace your hands behind your head. I want you to lift your elbows up off the floor so you can see them out the corners of your eyes. And we're going to start with our basic chest lift, which is an exhale. As you lift your head, your neck and your shoulders are right up off the mat. And I like to just look right out over the tops of the knees so your Chin is not too far down, definitely not up.

You've got the support in your throat and rolling down and exhale again, visualize your hourglass. You're putting in your waistline. [inaudible] three I'm thinking about six of these. So right here as you exhale, feel the contraction, feel yourself pulling in to the center of your body. And one more exhale. Now I'm going to have a stay here and we're going to start lifting one leg at a time. Inhale and set it down other side and inhale, set it down. So the job here is to control and hold consistent contraction or an asymmetrical work in your abdominal muscles.

Keep that head and chest up and lower. Exhale, lift and lower for more [inaudible] ah, [inaudible] and exhale and inhale. Lower the foot and lower the head and chest. Take a deep inhale, curling up again. So I'm going to take that right leg back up once again. And this time, stretching the leg all the way long, feeling that you're stretching your abs and then ending on your exhale. Fold at the hip. And I'm going to have you bring your thigh a little closer to you, but try to keep your pelvis steady. Inhale, stretch the leg, and exhale.

Pull the thigh in. Let's do six of those. Here's three [inaudible] and for [inaudible] and five and six, and placing the foot down and we'll go ahead and take a little breather in between. Exhale, Corolla, feel and visualize. Again, you're flat tummy, feeling the tone, feeling that a little hourglass or visualizing the hourglass in your waist. So stretching out and exhale, pooling the fight in. So it's important to keep the awareness of where your shoulder blades are as well. So I'm constantly thinking about sliding those down my back ribs so that they're not creeping up into my shoulders and my neck. [inaudible] do more. Stretch out the ebbs, contract the ABS, and last one here.

Stretch and contract and set the foot down and we're putting the head down. All right, so we're going to start taking an arm away from the pattern. Curl up again. So I'm going to take my right hand lifted up, reach it to the side of the hip. Now this reaching arm is intended to help me get a little bit higher with my torso. I'm going to take it up and down three times. [inaudible] then all the way back behind the head and lower downs, you're going to see the pan and goes to the left.

Reach up into the hip three times, up and down, keeping the upper body in the same place. The arm over here on the side, I'm reaching it down to where my feet and three and then we'll do each side again. Arm One, press your abs flat, three and hand behind the head and all the way down. [inaudible] three times one inhale, raise the arm. Exhale, press the ebbs flat and three and we're going to add to that pattern and we'll just actually take both hands off the head at some point here. So curling up, same beginning hand behind on the side of the hip. Three times up. Exhale down. Can you curl a little higher there? Last one, and then it's going to go back up by the side of the knee. Now I want to take the other hand and reach to that hand, which puts a little bit of a twist in my torso working no more.

The side abdominals. Three pulses out on that corner one. So I'm trying to reach for the outside of the thigh and knee three let's put both hands behind the head and call it. Good. We'll go to the other side. [inaudible] curl. So the arm three times down, curl a little higher too. A little higher. Three, it's going to go back up. Take the opposite hand to that side. Three pulses, reaching in that diagonal. What your job here. Keep the knees steady, the hips steady and focus on your abs and an down. Let's do it again. Curl it up. Ah, three times and reach and reach three pulses, one and down and reach and down and reach.

Hands behind. All the way for one more set. Curl, lift and reach and press and press. The arm comes back up both hands to the side. Three exhales reach and really squeeze your tummy and squeeze and back all the way. So we're almost there. We want you to bring both knees up, take both hands, reaching the sky. Shoulders are anchored. You're going to bring them down by your hips. Bring your head and chest back up. We're going to do the 100 so breathing, 104 five exhale, three, four or five. So I just took my legs out. That's pattern for me.

The classical 100 position are legs or extended. Heels are touching. I'm pumping the arms, I'm focusing on the ABS, pressing the legs together. So we're nearing the end of this little ab warm out, warm up. Excuse me. I feel like I'm a warming out my mouth, my abs, nine and ten three, four, five and hug. And don't forget to take three more deep breaths to prepare you for the next part of your workout. And thanks again for watching that.

They're a little warm up here. See you next time.


Excellent! Appreciate your attention to detail through explanation and cueing.
Very good and intense!
Thanks ladies! :)
Great variations and cueing !
Thank you Taru!
Yeong Cheol C
Thank you.
You're welcome !!
Love it !
Thank you Elizabeth!
Great warm up
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