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Hamstring Tutorial

10 min - Tutorial


In this tutorial, which Karen calls "Hello Hamstring," she invites you to take a look at the tightness in your hamstrings. She focuses on lengthening and creating dynamic flexibility. You will use a ball for soft tissue mobilization while respecting the spine position, which in turn, monitors the origin of the hamstrings.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Small Tennis Ball

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This tutorial. I like to call hello hamstrings. It's a way to invite you to take a look at the tightness of your hamstrings using some balls to kind of facilitate some soft tissue rele...


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Love this--wonderful!
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Karen, you are sunshine on a cloudy day! I love the idea of inviting the body into exercise. I do find we are often fighting and clawing our way into positions. Thank you for that wonderful insight!
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Thank you for this class! Have a stubborn SI joint and pretty tight hamstrings... What a clever approach!
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Hi Karen. My hubby has recently returned to martial arts classes after a 7 year break and this hamstring stretch is really popular with him. Thank you :)
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Always - great anatomy insights from Karen. Feeling the smile connect to the back of the head/occiput may be my new cue for for spine stretch and rollup. Great way to incorporate ball release into the Pilates work. Thank you.
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Thank you, invitation accepted !
wish more instructors could be this thorough
Hard to focus with all the dolphin play going on in the background!! awesome! The tutorial too!
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Thank you for cueing such awareness. Great!
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