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Where's your Head?

5 min - Tutorial


In this tutorial, Karen demonstrates appropriate propping and support for your head. With optimal positioning, you can create an ease of movement and breath. A good position of your head will help you whether you are working on fundamentals or advanced exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat, BOSUĀ®, Towel

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Nov 01, 2013
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Hi, I'm Karen Sanzo and I'm really happy to be back here at [inaudible] anytime. I'm going to start with a tutorial today on your head position. And I actually like to call this tutori...


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very important, thank you for the focus on the neck!! Great, clear and helpful explanations.
Love this, Karen! An important lesson for even experienced practitioners.
Clear and concise as always, thank you Karen!
Thank you, Karen! Love the review and reminders. :)
Much needed!! Thank you! Just wondering... can you use a wedge to maximally prop?
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I have been doing Pilates for about 1 year a few times a week and frequently come home with a sore neck. I think this is the mssing piece for me. thanks
As a beginning student I too experienced neck pain after every session. Now as a group fitness pilates instructor in larger facility I see this all the time. Just sent this clip to our director, thank you Karen. :)
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Sharon. Thanks for commenting. I just re-watched my own video; it's so interesting how the basics can make even more sense after we go back to re-visit. I was fortunate to film this past week at Pilates Anytime; watch for my upcoming tower and reformer classes....and 2 more tutorials.
Awesome- this is SO important for the majority of the population working with hyper-kyphosis and subsequent neck extension!
Great information. So nice to focus on particular areas and look closely at the details. Would love a full workshop with Karen Sanzo. Thank you
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