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In the past 15 years, Pilates has exploded into an international phenomenon and is now practiced by millions worldwide. However, most people know little about the origin or history of the practice that was started by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago.

The Pilates Legacy Project tracks the growth and evolution of the Pilates method from Joseph's original students to the people who continue to keep the torch burning today.

The Project is an ongoing, ever-growing archive of the history of Pilates, and new content will be published about once a week. There is no extra charge for the Legacy Project content--it is included in the standard subscription rate of $18 USD per month.
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Oct 09, 2013
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Upon meeting the many diverse instructors who've come to [inaudible] anytime I started to have a fascination about exploring the roots of this method in greater depth than just exercise. Thus began my quest of document this incredibly rich history and present the world. The legacy of Palladio's bodies is a oral history. It's always been that way. You're going to have to learn from a book has to be passed down. It's one thing to learn the exercises.

It's another thing to really understand where we come from. Karate's concept. The holiday's legacy project is to be the most extensive online to Lottie's resource library accessible to anyone anywhere, anytime, and comes absolutely free with our regular subscription is the first phase of the legacy project focuses on the five main lineages that have helped to keep a lot of the live as a discipline. The history and work of each elder is curated by one of their students who are distinguished in their own right. Deborah lesson, and I am going to share with you the legacy of Corolla tree. I'm Michelle Larson and I will be sharing with you the legacy of Eve gentry.

I'm Carol [inaudible] and I will be sharing with you the legacy of Catherine San Program. I'm Brian Howard and I will be sharing with you the legacy of Romana cookie. Now, Scott, I'm curious Saban and I'll be sharing with you the legacy of Ron Fletcher. These curators have helped me film and gather archival materials that are presented in three sections for elder. The biography is a short documentary on the elders' life.

The methods section introduces the primary methods of the teaching that each elder contributed to karate. The third section, our classes taught using the methods developed by these elders. These classes are examples of how you can incorporate their work into your practice. There will also be additional content exploring major turning points in the history of the [inaudible] industry. I'm happy, you know, running a business. All of a sudden now we're told that we can't use the word plodders anymore. Well, you know, I was the bad guy.

Joe's way was just yo is going. There's a similarity to everything that we all do. This is polite. This is sort of the start. This is how you do it. My goal of this project is to preserve the oral tradition. [inaudible] intend to honor our lineage as well as educate and inspire current and future providers, enthusiasts around the world.

So I have a big feeling of encouragement about the future of Harati up to us. Each of us, we are all we have to do with cherish and Canadian. Anything alive [inaudible] makes us what we are.


YES! :)
Courtney Miller
Kristi and all of you, this is SO SO inspiring. Exactly what we need right now.
Simply Brilliant...Felicitaciones!!!
How lovely :)) Thanks for this great labour.
Elizabeth D
Unbelievably exciting!
Yeong Cheol C
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