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In Honor of Carola

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Carola Trier (May 26, 1913 - October 28, 2000) was a German refugee who spent 22 years in show business. She escaped the Gurs internment camp before they were sent to Auschwitz and travelled to the United States to meet her family.

She was referred to Joseph Pilates by Dr. Henry Jordan after she suffered an offstage accident. She worked with Joseph Pilates and in 1960, he helped her open her own studio.

Carola is known for her high standards for service and her class. She was a smart business woman and knew how to please the clients. In addition to running her studio, Carola wrote a children's book, Exercise, What It Is, What It Does. She retired from teaching in 1986.

Look at Carola Trier's Timeline to learn more about her life.

Photographs of Carola Trier and all video footage taken from the documentary Carola Shares courtesy of Jillian Hessel
Photographs and articles courtesy of Deborah Lessen
Photographs of Carola Trier's Reformer courtesy of Mikael Salazar, The Pilates Guy ©
Photographs of Carola Trier promotional pieces courtesy of the Leo Baeck Institute

A special thanks to Deborah Lessen the content curator for Carola Trier.
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Oct 09, 2013
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All these wonderful Legacy Project films are incredible. Each of them brings one closer to our Pilates grand parents. Allthough I own a bunch of DVDs like Carola Shares etc., these Pilates Anytime films add to that a lot. So thank you so much!
AMAZING, thank you all in PA for sharing and bring us closer to our history.
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Such an amazing project! Thank you!!
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Reminds me of my days dancing at Lou Conte Dance studio in Chicago! Beautiful!
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amazing film.My English is very bad, sometime during the film I lose the dialogue because the music make me fly ...beatiful music...congratulation for the proyet.. thank you very much
Thank you all SO much. This is such a gift to us Pilates teachers. I am so grateful
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Is it possible to get a copy of Carola's book anywhere?
Bravo Deb and PA I love this film. I am watching them all and I am in awe. Thank you.
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I'm watching these videos, these collections of time, work and memories and am speechless. The gratitude I'm feeling right now is unmeasurable.....that I found the Pilates work when I die (at 20 years old in college) and that Pilates found it's way to me. Thank you PA for providing this platform for our community to see, hear and learn from!
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