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The Life of Eve

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Eve Gentry (August 20, 1909 - June 17, 1994) was a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, Pilates student and teacher, and a healer. She is one of the first generation teachers who worked directly with Joseph Pilates.

When Eve first moved to New York City, she joined the Hanya Holm Company. She later started her own company, Eve Gentry Dancers and also worked with the New Dance Group. While she was dancing, she suffered persistent back and knee issues so she began to study with Joseph Pilates. In 1955, Eve had a radical mastectomy which removed her pectoral muscle along with her breast. She went to Joseph Pilates and he helped her recuperate and she was able to do the more advanced exercises after just one year.

In 1968, she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she opened her studio and began her journey as a healer. She taught her students to understand the concepts and principles of the movements instead of just learning the exercise. One of the many methods she created was Gentry Work, which helped her many clients who were injured.

You can learn more about Eve Gentry from her Timeline.

The 1991 workshop Video footage provided by ©Core Dynamics, Inc. 1999
A derivative work based on a 1991 copyright video of the Physical Mind Institute, with the permission of Joan Breibart
The New Dance Group /Tenant of the Street footage provided by Mary Anne Santos Newhall, June 1993, NYC La Guardia High School
Photos courtesy of Mary Anne Santos Newhall, Bruce Gentry and Michele Larsson
Eve's portrait (1989) courtesy of Santa Fe Living Treasures ,Photography by Joanne Rijnes, 1989
Eve's promotional photos courtesy of Marshall Brooks, 1944
Video footage of Eve working with Joe provided by Michele Larsson and Core Dynamics Pilates

A special thanks to curator for Eve Gentry, Michele Larsson
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Oct 09, 2013
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Pilare is, is not just a series of exercises. [inaudible] is a concept. It's a philosophy. No, you can learn every exercise on every piece of equipment and you don't know Pele's. So do...


Beautifully composed. Thank you!
This is just simply wonderful! Kristi and PA team.. you are just amazing! Thank you to Michele for her awesome contributions! xxx
Thank you so much, it's wonderful!
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Michelle and PA team, this is simply perfect! Thank you for this gem!
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I always loved and admired Eve Gentry...thank you PA and Michelle for this wonderful gift....This video brought tears into my eyes.....
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My gratitude cup runneth over! I am without words right now... how much truth, sincerity and love has gone into this incredible project ... sharing the legacy of Pilates! I am proud to call myself a Pilates educator, and seeing this history---knowing I am doing my best to follow in the footsteps of educators before me, I am feeling joy! Thank you PA for providing this gift for us all!
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This brought tears to my eyes. Eve Gentry was such an inspiration to all. She was so, so beautiful. Thank you so much for letting us into her life.
fantastic.... this video really chance a little more my way of seeing pilates method.
Thank you Amy. Thank you all for taking a closer look.
Thank you for sharing the Pilates history to us, the new beginners!
Amazing work!
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