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Cadillac Methods

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Deborah Lessen teaches the exercises that Carola Trier taught her when she was a student and teacher at Carola's studio. She talks about the differences between Carola's Cadillac and Joseph's, and shares the advanced exercises Carola added for the many dancers she taught. In addition, Deborah explains how some of these exercises have evolved over time as we have learned more about the body.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Magic Circle

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These sequences are awesome ! Wonder if madam Lessen teach them in the next Cadillac class??? Ciao from Italy
Madam Lessen aka Deborah will be here in May... I'll ask her!
So great. thank you Deborah for clarity about what Joe and Clara taught and who they were for, as this extremely important for the average person using this equipment.
Love it.
Really interesting. Beautifully demonstrated :)
Awesome explanations of each exercise, how and why it was used. So great to see Carola's touches like the side strap for single leg spring work. Julie Sorrentino had those on her Cadillacs from her work with Carola, and I had forgotten all about them and how wonderful they are to work the standing leg into Centerline. Thank you Deborah!
Magnifique. Great explanations and beautifuly demonstrated
Love, amazing class
Thank you for your positive comments. I am grateful to Pilates Anytime for making these original exercises available.
Thank you Deborah for sharing this with us!
Thank you for sharing! You are so inspiring!
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