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Deborah Lessen takes you through the last part of a workout at Carola Trier's studio. Carola would end each session on the Mat to get the blood flowing and to get you ready for the rest of your day. A few of the exercises like Boomerang, had more swing to them which required a lot of control in the body.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Mat, Pilates Pole

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At the end of the session, all of the clients did a Matt works series which consisted of roll up rollovers, Jackknife and teaser. The way I learned roll up from Corolla, the body never went forward onto the legs. In other words, the arms came up like a window frame. The head went through the arms and led the roll up. The shoulders never passed forward of the hip joints so the weight stays on the pelvis doesn't move on to the Lex because Corolla had a raised mat, there were handles on it that one could hold on to where using the handles on the spine corrector. Now for rollovers, we used to do rollovers assisted so that the teacher would stand behind the client fro their legs and the client had to catch and that action of catching happened in the abdominals.

When Corolla did the mat work with Mr [inaudible], there was a lot of rolling with a swinging motion. The harder you started the swing, the harder you had to work to regain control. At the other end of the movement. The knife at the end of the mat work was very quick and light and Corolla used to say the purpose of doing the mat work at the end was to really get the blood flowing, get you ready to stand back up and proceed with your day. Teaser was the final exercise in the series.

We're only showing three repetitions of each version here, but we used to do five, so first the torso, then the legs, then alternating torso and legs, and the last version, the torso and the legs lower and the torso and legs come up lower and up lower and stay. Roll down, lower the legs. Now you can reach back to the handles and stretch. Corollas. Boomerang is different than the other boomerangs that I've seen. There was a lot of swing, a lot of throw and catch, especially right here, tremendous control.


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A beautiful example of the 6 principles, in motion!
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Beautiful demonstration! Watching the series of traditional yet functional exercises inspired me so much. Thank you Deborah,Yuuko, Yoshi and Pilates Anytime!!!
ohhh fantastic, Love boomerang and jacknife!!
Yeong Cheol C
Bonnie H
Effortless and beautiful.
So dynamic !
thank you for sharing with us!

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